1. Basically we use OWS rules of FINA, and following NOWS rules are also applied.

2. For all categories, top 6 swimmers get award.

3. When the total number of swimmers exceeds 300, top 3 swimmers get award in age categories (every 5 years).

4. When the total number of swimmers is less than 300, the age categories are merged to every 10 years.

5. All swimmers must submit the written pledge with date and signature to race officer.

6. All minors must submit the written agreement with date and signature of parent/guardian.

7. The beginner of OWS must attend the group swim.

8. Local rules written in the detail information of the event are also applied.

9. The awards are decided by the order of arrival to goal. Even when the goal line is located on the outside of water, the order is decided within the water. Anyone must not change the order in the outside of water.

10. There is no regulation of swimwear. Wetsuit is not encouraged.

11. Swimmers can be take a rest temporary by holding buoys, etc. If the body is raised from the water completely, the swimmer can not continue the race.

12. The limit time is defined in the detail information of the event.

13. The race start when the water temperature is between 18 ºC to 32 ºC. When the water temperature is lower than 22ºC, wetsuit is optional.